Travis Oestreich

It’s timeless summer chic, that’s what a caftan is supposed to represent. This is not your regular beach cover-up.
— Diana Vreeland

The Dream

Travis Oestreich is a New York City based fashion designer whose designs blur the lines of feminine and masculine ideals and promote a more gender-neutral lifestyle. He launched his eponymous line in 2018 to share his vision with the world, by first re-invigorating the energy of caftans. “The care-free and fun feeling was not lost to the 60’s and 70’s, it simply got an upgrade.”

Travis’s interest in fashion was sparked at a very young age. Growing up in New Prague, Minnesota, a defining moment for him was watching Disney’s That’s So Raven, which was centered around a girl who made her own clothing. Seeing someone create fashion for themselves was awe-inspiring. Thus began his journey. He continued with that passion and graduated from the Art Institute of New York City. Travis began his career designing at John Varvatos, which had always been his childhood dream. After several years of blissful designing, he went on to design for the likes of Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, and Banana Republic.

Absorbing both fashion and business knowledge from each of these brands, Travis decided to go into business for himself. Launching an e-commerce store to constantly connect with customers, he positioned himself to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of fashion. He works to keep altering the rules of traditional dressing and encourages each person to live their best life.

100% Handmade in Brooklyn, NY

Every piece is handmade by Travis in his Brooklyn loft, where he gives each garment the attention it deserves and extra special touches that one does not get from the fast fashion market. You pay a little extra to get a quality product that you know where it came from.

Each caftan is designed to emphasize the fabric flowing over the human silhouette, making every shape and size feel beautiful. The fabrics are hand selected to ensure a wonderful drape while wearing, a handfeel that is soft on the skin, and wearable colors and patterns that elicit a playful, fun, and elegant style. The disco era plays a big inspiration point of reference, channeling the glamour, attitude, sparkle, and shine from the style of dress during that time. Travis is transforming past ideals of where, when, and how caftans are worn. He has taken this new concept to the streets and beyond to show this sultry look can be suitable anywhere, day or night. Travis has designed this line with the everyday person in mind and has been quoted as saying, “These clothes are a luxury you never knew you needed. Whether you are male, female, or any fabulous being in between, these garments were made for each person to feel beautiful, proud, and fierce!”